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Marolyn Monroe famously said “Diamonds are a girl's best friend”, and no city lives this mantra like the Big Apple. It should come as no surprise that New York City – the epicenter of the world – is also where you will find the pinnacle of high class, luxury, and elegance. Manhattan's Fifth and Sixth Avenue “Diamond District” is a name known world-over for it's commitment to offering nothing but the most exquisite gold and silver diamond jewelry. The sparkle from the shops is enough to make any head turn, even for the girl who has everything. An engagement ring from New York [...] Read More »


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To understand modern day Australia is to understand the flawless blending of the old and the new. From the wild, untamed nature of the Australian Outback all the way to the pinnacle of high society at the world-renowned Opera House in Sydney, Australia offers dazzling pieces of designer gold jewelry that will be able to uplift anyone's spirit with their extraordinary beauty and bedazzling splendor. From the rugged mountain climber and committed outdoors lover all the way to the social butterfly who feels most at home rubbing elbows with high society, Sydney will have the perfect engagement ring to match any personality type [...] Read More »


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Texas. An American original. The word alone invokes powerful imagery of the rugged terrain and history of the western United States all over the world. Cowboys; the Alamo; the pioneer spirit. Purchasing a gold diamond engagement ring from Houston – one of Texas's most important modern day economic hubs – will capture the spirit of wild, untamed independence that characterizes the love of your life and makes them one of a kind. When you buy an engagement ring from Houston at the steep discounts that only can offer you will be symbolizing the individuality that makes your future engagement differ [...] Read More »


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“If you're going to San sure to wear a flower in your hair.” There is no other decade in the history of America that valued love more than the 1960's did. And throughout that decade there was no city that embodied that spirit of togetherness, caring, and joy than the west coast city of San Francisco. From its legendary trolly cars rolling up and down the mountainous streets to its modern day cultural scene of art and music, San Francisco is the perfect place to buy a gold diamond engagement ring for that special person in your life. is the exclusive home of the absolute be [...] Read More »