Primestyle.com is committed to the shopping experience of every customer at our store. To ensure you can shop with confidence, Primestyle.com provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty (“The Warranty”) that covers each piece of jewelry you purchase from us. Lifetime refers to the lifetime of the buyer who originally purchased the item. Any transfer of the item from the original buyer will void the warranty. Please read the following carefully as it explains the consumer's rights under The Warranty, as well as the obligations of Primestyle.com thereto.

Primestyle.com guarantees that all fine diamond, colored gemstone, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry it sells is genuine and authentic. Where specifically mentioned, purchases will be accompanied by an Independent Lab Certificate from GIA, EGL, AGS, HRD, FAGL, or IGI. Primestyle.com further guarantees that any defects in manufacturing present within 60 days from the time the consumer receives their jewelry will be either repaired,or if repair is impossible, replaced.

If, in the sole discretion of Primestyle.com, the provision of repair work or replacement jewelry to the consumer is necessary Primestyle.com will undertake such work or replacement at factory cost (as opposed to retail cost) to the consumer. However, a consumer who exercises any or all of their rights under The Warranty agrees to assume any and all costs directly or indirectly related to shipping and handling fees which are incurred as a result.

As an additional service, Primestyle.com also provides free tightening and cleaning as long as the jewelry continues to be covered by The Warranty.

The Warranty is limited to those having directly purchased the jewelry from Primestyle.com for their own personal use. The gifting, resale, transfer, or any other transaction which may be reasonably construed as having transferred the possession or ownership of the item purchased – either in fact, or appearance – from the original consumer with Primestyle.com to a third party will void The Warranty and leave both the original purchaser as well as the new possessor or owner without any rights or claims against Primestyle.com.

The Warranty is not jewelry insurance. it is important to have your jewelry insured in the event of loss, damage or theft. We trust Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company and its Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance. Jewelers Mutual has specialized in jewelry insurance for over a century, and they make insuring your jewelry quick and easy. Learn more by clicking the following link http://www.perfectcircleinsurance.com/

The Warranty applies to consumers regardless of the legal jurisdiction they may be in. However, in the case of any dispute between a consumer and Primestyle.com arising by virtue of the rights and obligations enumerated therein, the consumer agrees that The Warranty will be governed and interpreted solely by the laws of the State of New Jersey United States of America, to the exclusion of any other court in any other jurisdiction. Furthermore, the consumer agrees that any attempt to litigate outside of the forum of the State of New Jersey, United States of America, will, ipso facto, void The Warranty.

For additional information please contact our Customer Service Department at 888.532.9440 FREE or 212.302.3377 or email us at customerservice@primestyle.com.