Princess Cut

Princess Cut Diamonds

The timeless elegance of a traditional princess cut diamond is hard to beat. Its splendid symmetrical lines make it the perfect match for a contemporary, slightly architectural setting and yet it would be equally as effective as the striking center of a more traditional piece.


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Stylish Princess Cut Diamonds Offer More Carats Per Dollar

Second in popularity behind the basic round cut, princess cut diamond rings gained considerable popularity in the 1960s when they were brought to market as a distinctive alternative to the traditional round brilliant profile. Some diamond cutters refer to the princess cut as a square modified brilliant, but consumers are generally more interested in the remarkable value of the princess cut. Since it retains more of its original size and weight than a round cut, princess cut diamonds tend to deliver more carat weight for the dollar than most other designs. If you’re looking for the perfect princess cut diamond for a ring, bracelet, or other piece of jewelry, cut out the middleman and buy direct from us! Our princess cut diamonds are brilliant, elegant, luxurious, and timeless, and they’re available for immediate, free delivery right to your front door. And, you’ll enjoy 0% financing, a 100% authentic certification, and incredibly low prices when you partner with us. Browse today and discover our wide array of princess cut diamonds that will look incredible in your chosen setting.